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Welcome, fellow model making enthusiasts, to the model maker’s resource site. It has been created to provide you with a useful (hopefully!) archive of resource intended specifically for the benefit of true model makers around the globe! Please feel free to drop in and out of our pages to glean a wealth of information, and even contribute if you feel we have missed some information that may be of use to our avid following by emailing us! The information that you read on this site has been checked and verified, so should therefore be 100% accurate. If, however, you spot a piece of incorrect information that has somehow slipped through our safety net, you can contact us to inform us of the offending section, and, if you feel that way inclined, the correct snippet of information with which to replace it.

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Our site works at successfully furthering likeminded people in their search for model making information that will aid their current projects, or future aspirations. Including money saving hints, and resourceful tips, along with factual snippets of reliably sourced information and data, you cannot fail to learn something new and of importance with every visit. What’s more, our website is absolutely free to browse with no need for payment at any stage! So enjoy our carefully crafted website, contribute your knowledge, and learn some new facts at the same time!!